V i b r a n t  :  A  C o l l e c t i v e

WE ARE: owner, Sophie Lippert, with a collective of 7 other studio Residents collectively commandeering the space, who are granted creative liberty to make Vibrant a home for any & everything they want to actualize and manifest. By working at Vibrant Studios, these Residents are making an investment in their personal careers, and also demonstrating devotion to the greater Portland creative community. Vibrant Residents are passionate, grounded individuals who actively make the world a better place through music, dance, art, food, and mindfulness. They want a studio to write or photograph in, host private or group classes, jam on a fantastic grand piano, or facilitate powerful opportunities for healing and
growth. They want a space they can use for personal experiences and the cultivation of community, alike. They want a fully-furnished sanctuary to call their creative home.

What Residents receive:
1. A magnificent fully furnished studio to play, express, teach, create, and transform in!
2. Access to kitchen with full fridge and freezer, 3 crockpots, place settings, tableware, cups, mugs, wine glasses, serving dishes and trays.
3. Ample front lobby space to proudly display any promotional/ marketing material.
4. Full access to the Vibrant Studios website & Facebook page, plus live links to personal sites.
5. All-expenses-paid utilities: air conditioning & heat, internet, private wi-fi, water, etc.
6. Back storage hallway (with back entrance), plus extra basement storage space, if need be.
7. Outdoor upkeep accounted for.

You write us a check every month = we take care of everything else.
- Sophie Lippert & team take care of all of the things that make owning/ leasing a personal studio space a logistical nightmare! From keeping the studio stocked with supplies (from internet, to sound system, to cleaning supplies), to paying bills to the city (rent, utilities, etc.), to dealing with the property management company -- all arduous and time-consuming management tasks are accounted for.
- Decreased responsibilities for each Resident means less time spent dealing with challenging underpinnings of managing a business, which can detract from the resources devoted to creation and execution of events and classes. More time for you to do what you love, and are skilled at!
- As Resident, you are responsible ONLY for the day/days of the week that you are in the space. All else is handled, so you can rest easy.

Current Residents:
1. Sophie Lippert: 1 day per week. Private piano lessons, yoga classes, community events, Sunday Salon dinners, intimate concerts.

2. Mana Montgomery: 1 evening per week. Potluck dinners, storytelling evenings, open mics, queer community events, solo writing.

3. Jessica Libonati: 2 days per week. Private voice lessons.

4. Rosemary & Michelle Levesque: 2 weekends per month. Reiki Healing Classes, private and public workshops.

5. Portland Folk School: 1 day per month. Community classes in various folk learning modalities.

6. Elizabeth Russell and Be Space: 1 day per week. A beautiful assortment of movement, play, and community events.

7. Courtney Joy Freed: 1 day per week. Private sessions, coaching, healing, performance workshops, and more!

Want to join the Collective? Email vibrantstudiospdx@gmail.com to set up an appointment.

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