Yogic Lore Flow: Hanuman
2:00 pm14:00

Yogic Lore Flow: Hanuman

Yogic Lore Flow: Hanuman
$25 on or before Sept. 17th; $30 after Sept. 17th

Hanuman, the monkey deity, is a central figure in Hindu mythology. Considered to be a great yogi, he is revered for his selfless service, devotion, and valour. When meditating on the essence of Hanuman, people are said to blessed with courage and wisdom.

Join Kimi Marin for storytelling, discussion, and active practice to draw upon the gifts of devotion and courage that Hanuman provides. Through storytelling and discussion learn about Hanuman and how to use his myths as tools to navigate your inner landscape. Engage in an active practice breaking down the various poses for Hanuman including Hanumanansana (splits). Several fun and less-known variations will be explored.

Modifications will be provided.