Vibrant Studios Collective Fall Open House & Abundance Ceremony
2:00pm 2:00pm

Vibrant Studios Collective Fall Open House & Abundance Ceremony

Who's ready to welcome in lasting, positive transformation and growth?

What an honor and joy to invite you all to join us in celebration of the launch of our new chapter of the Vibrant Studios Collective, and learn about how we can support YOU in becoming your greatest self.

As most of you know, January 2017 ushered in a momentous shift: a transition to the Vibrant Collective, housed at the beloved Vibrant Studios. Eight businesses and one private practitioner are now holding Residence at the studio, and our Fall Open House and Blessing Ceremony will be the perfect way to learn more about these amazing folks, and all the experiences currently available to you at Vibrant Studios.

Prepare to meet and be amazed by the following: Be Space, Portland Folk School, Inhabit Bodymind Therapy, Act Out PDX, Second Nature Healing, Core Centered Care, Vibrant Studios, Jessica Libonati Music School, Montgomery Mahaffey of Free Flying Press

Attendees will have the chance to personally meet all of our current Residents, and discover all the opportunities for your lives to be enhanced and transformed with the support of these talented practitioners and teachers. There will also be LIVE music, nibbles and sips, and a chance to participate in a group ceremony to honor the space and all who are gathered. The caliber of facilitation you will experience, and potency of the magic that will be created, is unparalleled -- and perfect medicine for our individual and collective souls during these challenging time.

Rough format of the afternoon:

2pm: meeting and mingling with Vibrant Residents and all Collective friends, accompanied by refreshments and live music. 3pm: brief introductions of each Vibrant Resident (3-5 minutes each). 3:30pm: offerings from the Vibrant Residents: brief sample sessions, and abundance ceremony. 4:00pm open mingling, opportunities to sign up for future events and classes, and community connection.

Please come for any portion of the afternoon that you are able!

It is all of you that keep Vibrant Studios - and our new Collective - truly Vibrant. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Let's gather, feast, and come together in solidarity and support in these times when we need it the most.

Thank you in advance for blessing the Vibrant space with your presence ♥

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Sunday Salon: Celebration of Community and Sabby Lou's Birthday
7:00pm 7:00pm

Sunday Salon: Celebration of Community and Sabby Lou's Birthday

Sunday Salons are a celebration of community, support, and nourishment. Nearly every other weekend, we gather for themed conversation, with the intention to share stories, cuisine, music, and healing. Come engage in this unique opportunity to listen and discuss with a variety of Portland artists, foodies, and conscious and warm humans! A nourishing and delicious meal will be prepared for attendees, accompanied by local wines and vegan desserts.

The evening will include time for a round-table discussion, questions, comments, and interaction with the group that has gathered. This weekend, we will also be honoring the beloved Sabrina Louise, who is integral in the Portland vegan & activism scene, and has been a long-time studio supporter. Our hope is to create an inspired space for fostering safe sharing and listening, and establishing bonds with the incredible individuals of Portland who are interested in supporting, growing, and connecting with local communities.

TICKET PRICE (the best deal in town!): $10-20 food only, $15-25 food and wine.

Registrations required. Pre-register on Bookeo here. Yahoo, and welcome!

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