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Sunday Salon Supper: All Gather for All Hallows!

Sunday Salons are a celebration of community, support, and nourishment. Nearly every other weekend, we gather for themed conversation, with the intention to share stories, cuisine, music, and healing. Come engage in this unique opportunity to listen and discuss with a variety of Portland artists, foodies, and conscious and warm humans! A nourishing and delicious meal will be prepared for attendees, accompanied by local wines and vegan desserts.

The evening will include time for a round-table discussion, questions, comments, and interaction with the group that has gathered. This weekend, we will also be honoring the All Hallows holiday, with conversation and stories about things other-worldly, spooky, or sublime. Our hope is to create an inspired space for fostering safe sharing and listening, and establishing bonds with the incredible individuals of Portland who are interested in supporting, growing, and connecting with local communities.

TICKET PRICE (the best deal in town!): $15 food only, $25 food and wine.

Registrations required. Pre-register on Bookeo here. Yahoo, and welcome!