Our Family of Residents

Sophie Lippert

Sophie Lippert, Owner, Vibrant Studios

Sophie is a woman of many hats. Career-wise, she is owner of Vibrant Studios, a successful small business strategic consultant, and beloved piano teacher of kids and adults alike. Sophie is also a professional classical pianist, yoga teacher, ecstatic dancer aficionado, highly sought-after cook, voracious writer, and staunch advocate for gratitude and generosity. She has saluted the sun from Hawaii to Houston to Vermont, played cello and piano in countries throughout Europe, danced her way up and down the Americas, and cooked gluten-free fare for groups of 10-100 from all over the globe. Sophie's training in the food industry was under James Beard-nominated chef Anita Jaisinghani. and her degree in Piano Performance is from Rice University with the astounding Jon Kimura Parker. She has furthered her personal growth and healing with masters of thai massage, yoga, acupuncture, Byron Katie's The Work, music & art therapy, DBT, psychotherapy, and more. She is devoted to cultivating community, helping people learn how to help themselves, and healing from trauma through movement, music, and food. She is also passionately committed to supporting visionary entrepreneurs who struggle to actualize their dreams. Her brain is a business map-making machine!

Sophie currently has a limited number of spaces available for both business consulting and piano lessons. Contact Sophie to schedule a free consultation, or a free first piano lesson, at sophielippert@gmail.com.

Elizabeth Russell, Owner of Be Space

Elizabeth Russell is the director of Be Space Integrative Arts. She is dedicated to creative expression as a democratically accessible domain. Having witnessed firsthand the way that present-moment awareness and simple expressive practices can build a bridge between divergent worlds and help us to become more integrated as a social body; Elizabeth holds the conviction that these tools can deliver us to our humanity, our inherent connectedness, and a multi-dimensional presence.

Elizabeth is a graduate of the InterArts program at Naropa University, where she trained in Performance and Movement Studies. At Naropa she learned a quiet trust in the moment and discovered generosity in performance.  She was privileged to practice with many great teachers, including Barbara Dilley, Lee Worley, Paul Oertel, and Annie Brook. Her explorations of somatic intelligence are a result of concentrated study in Mudra Space Awareness, Body-Mind Centering, Contemplative Dance Practice, and Authentic Movement.

In the years since, Elizabeth has continued and deepened her practice of Authentic Movement with Mary Lou Seereiter, deep earth love with Joanna Macy, and Motion Theater with Nina Wise. With lifelong collaborators Elise Crohn, Susan Maginn and Rhea Wolf, she continues to explore and grow within the creative process as a director, a performer, and a spaceholder. 

"Cultivating the capacity to be with our experience while being authentic and generous in our expression is my greatest joy. The process of recovering our authentic expression and conscious embodiment can be liberating and terrifying. I think it can also be actual fun.

This journey belongs to all of us regardless of our experience with, or even interest in, the arts.  And it is a journey that life invites us to make again and again.

Be Space is dedicated to fostering a greater ease with ourselves as we are and with the space as it is. It is my privilege and pleasure to hold space for others on this journey of reclaiming expressive freedom.“

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Rosemary Levesque, Reiki Master, Shaman, Spiritual Energy Healer

Rosemary Levesque works with Reiki, spiritual energy, sound healing, essential oils,crystals, and targeted supplements to promote healing on all levels. She specializes in intuitive wisdom, private healing sessions, and teaching others to step into their power as enlightened beings.

Rosemary co-teaches all classes with her daughter, Michelle Hawk. Their classes at Vibrant Studios integrate Usui/Tibetan Reiki, Karuna Reiki®, and their unique curriculum, Illumination Reiki™ - advanced training for energy healers.

"I love how the science of life works so well with the energy of life. With scientifically proven products we can remove heavy metals and many other toxins. Using super-food supplements we can enhance and repair cells at the DNA level. Essential oils add a new dimension to healing with greater ease. With Reiki we can remove and release emotional and spiritual barriers to good health and allow new, vibrant energies to flow in. It's a great combination- zeolite, super-food supplements (telomere support), essential oils, and Reiki for holistic healing on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels."

Read more at her website, Second Nature Healing.

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Michelle Hawk (Levesque), Joy of Energy, Energy Healing and Animal Communication

Michelle is truly a 21st century Shaman. In addition to her natural gifts as a psychic and work with Shamanic energies, Michelle's certification as a Usui-Tibetan Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki® Master and Illumination Reiki™ Master allow her to offer healing work at the deepest level. She has committed herself to the health and well-being of her global Tribe and works in service through private sessions, classes, community involvement and Spiritual mentorship in the Divine Feminine lineage for children and adults of all ages.

Her abilities as an animal communicator were discovered at an early age through her uncanny connection with animals. Today, Michelle uses this connection not only to speak with animals about behavioral and health concerns, but to share their profound messages regarding life purpose, love, death and The Universe as a whole. Animals were her first teachers and Michelle credits her childhood dog, Ginger, with bringing her into her gifts as a healer. Although she also works with humans, Michelle will always continue to work with animals and honor their medicine as powerful, Spiritual beings.

In addition to her experience and certification in various healing modalities, Michelle's credentials include a degree in biology (specializing in animal physiology and behavior) and Spanish. Her scientific education gives her a great familiarity with anatomy and physiology, biomechanics and biochemistry, allowing her to easily collaborate with primary care physicians and veterinarians to support holistic treatment plans. Her fluency in Spanish enables her to offer her healing work to ESL and non-English-speaking students and clients.

Michelle Hawk (Michelle Levesque) was born and raised in Portland, OR. On the forefront of the Spirituality movement in the Pacific Northwest, she has seen the city grow into a mecca for those coming into their own Spiritual awakening and journey of personal growth and discovery. She is pleased to offer her established practice in Portland to those looking for in-person sessions, and she is also available for distance work. All over the country, people seek out Michelle for guidance as they go inward and step into their personal power as Divine Embodied Beings.

Jessica Libonati, B.M., M.Ed., Piano and Voice Teacher

Jessica Libonati is a voice and piano teacher and performer in Portland, Oregon. She leads her Libonati Music Studio out of Vibrant Studios. Jessica considers herself a therapist more than a teacher because of her holistic approach to singing. Healthy, resonant singing is Jessica's main focus with each student.

Jessica's expertise is vocal health and musical theater singing. Jessica loves to sing music of many genres but she especially loves Musical Theatre, Classical music, jazz of the 1940's, and Madrigal singing. Since graduating with her musical theatre degree Jessica has worked for various theater companies in the Portland area such as Broadway Rose Theatre, Lakewood Theatre Co., Live Onstage, NWCT, and others. In addition to earning a Bachelor of Music in Music-Theatre, Jessica studied Speech and Hearing Sciences and obtained an M.Ed from Portland State University. At PSU she also obtained a teaching license in K-12 music with an emphasis on secondary vocal music.

"My approach to singing is highly holistic. I believe every person can sing and that good singing is done with the whole body. When you choose to study the voice you choose to study your own personal instrument. This means you must learn how to listen to your body and become deeply intuitive with the subtleties within you. This type of self awareness awakens singers to a more conscious way of living that permeates their entire lives."

BriAnne Nadi

Courney Joy Freed, Coach, Teacher, Healer

Courtney is an authentic, supportive and passionate guide, dedicated to uncovering the highest good within you.

She is your champion for truth and light.

She provides provide a warm and safe environment for unlocking challenges and discovering personal power.

She is the musical voice in your ear that says, "anything is possible!"

She is an intuitive leader with a gift for asking tough questions in order to restore choice to your life experience.

Courtney has been leading, coaching and teaching individuals and groups for over 10 years and brings the gift of levity and deep connection to all she meets. She is certified in the leadership and coaching program of Susanne Conrad, the founder of Lightyear Leadership--a company that creates and implements dynamic, innovative communication programs for powerful leaders and progressive companies.

She is also a dedicated lifelong artist, having spent the past 20 years performing in and producing inspiring works in Chicago, Los Angeles and Portland, where she resides. Her passion is working with other artistic souls who are seeking guidance and clear goals for their life and projects. Her true north is helping others to find theirs...through mindfulness, art and magic!

Contact Courtney with questions or to set up a phone or in-person consultation!


Montgomery Mahaffey, Author, Storyteller

Montgomery Mahaffey is a fantasy writer who has told her stories all over the country. Alaskan winters shaped Mahaffey as a writer, and her work is built off of the myriad of personal and collective experiences formed underneath that mystical landscape.

Born in the south to a family of storytellers, Mahaffey has developed her own voice that is suffused with the temperament of the wanderer instinct.

Set in a world where magic is at once subtle and pervasive, her novels bring to life symbols and stories of the old fairy tales told with wry humor and passion. In 2005 she was granted the Individual Artist Project Award from the Rasmuson Foundation in Anchorage, Alaska. She is the author of one novel, Ella Bandita and the Wanderer.

Montgomery is facilitator of numerous meetups and storytelling series' in Portland and around the country. She will be hosting open mic nights and supper clubs at Vibrant Studios.

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Amanda Kanter and Laura Fletcher, The Portland Folk School

Portland Folk School, LLC is co-facilitated by Amanda Kanter and Laura Fletcher.

Amanda Kanter is a Classically trained flutist and brings 25+ years of teaching experience in traditional silver flute, celtic flute & Baroque recorder study and performance. Amanda's interests include fiber arts, gardening, traditional medicine, recipe exploration and an ever-growing list of home DIY projects.

Laura Fletcher is an artist, photographer, flutist and Portland native with strong connections to the Portland creative community through her work, family and friends. Laura is the Community Outreach Coordinator for PFS and is excited to connect artists with students.

Find out more about the Portland Folk School at their website here!